president The typical TFE application is done for pots and pans and the application require a furnace. Applying TFE by this technique, materials need to be brought into the furnace. It is impossible to use this technique to apply TFE to the paper machine parts that are already installed.
It was a long time belief that TFE will not be attached to the materials in normal temperature.
But we have found our original technique to disprove the theory.
Also, we have improved a skill to remove any kind of dirt perfectly without making scratches. With this world’s only technique, paper machine parts can be TFE coated at any site.
SP Industries Co., Ltd. was established in August 8, 1978. We have been providing our TFE coating service targeting only for the most essential parts of paper machines, such as the Headboxes, Screens, Pipings, Savealls, various tanks.
We proudly announce that we have provided our service to over 12,000 Headboxes so far. Another benefit from our service is that the expenditure for our service will be recovered from few days to few months’ of the production.
That means our service will bring big difference to the productivity.
We are providing our service in over 30 countries now.
We have always managed to meet our clients’ needs and will continue to do so. We will keep improving our techniques, and we look forward to dedicating ourselves to solve all diverse problems for our clients.

SP Industries Co.,Ltd.
Chairperson, Shoichi Maruyama

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