Q&AFrequently Asked Question

What are principal results of TFE coating?

TFE coating prevents paper breaks, pinholes, slime and adherence of dirt to internal surfaces.
This is particularly important in terms of improving paper quality and machine stability.

How will TFE Application affect our profits?

Improved productivity will lead to short-term recovery of your investment.
The total gain from our coating will have significant contribution to your profit.

What kind of preparation is necessary for TFE Application?

It is necessary to have adequate supply of water and electricity.
We can start working on your machine as soon as outage begins. We need you to provide access to application area, such as opening manhole, dismantling one part of the piping (if necessary), etc.

Is it possible to have the coating on any part of machinery?

Yes. We will do our best to solve your problems. Please consult us about the parts you are having problem.

Do caustic cleaning and other acids give negative effect to TFE coating?

No, TFE coating does not suffer from adverse effects of chemicals that are usually used in paper machine cleaning.

Is it OK to use high pressure washer?

TFE coating endures up to 10Mpa of high pressure water.

Can rough surface be improved by your service?

Yes, our own grinding technique can improve the surface.
The smooth and clean surface is essential to obtain good result from TFE coating.

What are the maintenance requirements?

Easy rinse out with high pressure water every down time is recommended to obtain longer life of TFE coating.
The cleaner machine is kept, the longer life of the coating will be.

How long does it take to put the machine back after the coating?

TFE coating requires no curing time. The machine is immediately ready for restart.

How long does TFE coating last?

TFE coating lasts about a year under normal condition. Since the passage of material (especially inorganic chemicals) constantly erodes coated surface, TFE coating life is not permanent.
However, good maintenance could help it to keep longer life.

How can we receive a quotation?

Please provide us with the information (make, model, length, etc.) of area you wish to have coating.

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