Application ProcessPerfect Cleaning & TFE Coating


01 Base Preparation: “Perfect Cleaning”

Our perfect cautious cleaning removes all dirt, scale and slime completely to have proper surface for the coating. This manual cleaning technique is also our expertise from our 30 years of experiences.


02 Coating: “TFE Coating”

Application of Supercoat(S) by hands, using soft sponge, brush and other developed tools appropriate for each area. The application is also made with our great care to coat all area in detail without damages.


03 Finalization: “No Curing Time”

You can start up the machine. It requires No Curing Time.

Application can easily fit into maintenance Shut Down. We can complete our service while you are changing wire, roll, felt, etc.
(Approximately 5 to 8 hours).....Requires No Curing Time!

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